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Preprints and STM publishing: A New Challenge to the Editors of Scientific and Medical Journals

A PubMed search conducted on the 5th of July, 2018, reveals 111 articles for the word ‘preprint’. How exactly does one define a preprint? Preprints are online postings of scientific reports in a publicly accessible online venue, hosted by not for profit preprint servers or repositories such as or, allowing authors to self-archive papers pre-peer review and before official publication in a journal. Preprint content has not undergone prior independent scientific evaluation.

Public Reporting of Cardiovascular Data: Benefits, Pitfalls, and Vision for the Future

In what is often cited as the earliest public reporting of healthcare information, Florence Nightingale published mortality rates at British military hospitals caring for casualties of the Crimean War.1 Dr Ernest Codman, about 50 years later, called for the public release of surgical outcomes at his hospital, but was highly criticized for his effort eventually leading to the loss of his hospital privileges.2 His early efforts, however, contributed to the founding of the American College of Surgeons and later The Joint Commission.